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Destination wedding at Moon Palace Cancun: Angelica & Victor

I am very happy to be able to share the photographs from Angelica and Victor’s beautiful destination wedding. The couple’s religious ceremony was held at the Chapel of Our Immaculate Conception at the Moon Palace Resort which overlooked a beautiful view of Cancun, Mexico. Followed by a magical mayan wedding ceremony where the shaman blessed their union setting an altar with flowers, fruits, seeds and fire. After, the couple spent their evening with friends and family full of emotions, fun and enthusiasm on the dance floor. The next morning, we got the opportunity to capture their incredible trash the dress photos!



Moon Palace Cancun Wedding


Complementing their religious ceremony held in the Chapel of Our Immaculate Conception at the Moon Palace Resort they chose a Native Wedding and Mayan Wedding Ceremony. This is a spiritual and interactive ceremony, right in front the Sea, in balance with Nature, the four basic elements (Fire, Earth, Water and Air) and the Universe. The Shaman will bless your union setting an altar for the Mayan gods with flowers, fruits, seeds and fire.


When Holding a Maya ceremony for whatever the reason. The ceremony is always led by a Mayan priest or priestess, which is the spiritual guide or ajq ij.

One of the key elements in the whole Mayan ceremony  is fire, burning incense, copal, sugar, colored candles, flowers and many other materials that are burned during the ceremony through the flame that emerges from it ,creating  intense color, volume, direction, duration and sparks, Spirits, Ancestors and the Supreme Being manifest and communicate with the spiritual guide.


This part was magical! The priestess had mentioned something about the power of the moon and its ancestral meaning and it was a special date it was and the meaning of the Mayan prophecies. Sadly it was to be a cloudy night, and the moon never seemed to come out that day. Later on Magda was reviewing the photos we had taken she noticed something amazing. “the sky cleared, the cloud coverage had broken and let a beam of  moonlight  precisely  when the ceremony was being consecrated and the priestess had blessed their union. As if the moon was  honoring the Mayan proverb they just had said to each other, "In Ken Lakesha Hala." Cosmovision Maya meaning "I am another you, you are another Me." After this special moment was over the clouds returned. We were fortunate to capture it as you can see in the next two photographs.


I will have to say my expectations of Angelica and Victor actually showing up for the planned trash the dress session were a little low… not only was it very early the morning after the wedding… but they had danced to the wee hours of the morning and were the last couple to be seen leaving the dancefloor! Fortunately they were up for it and I loved the images we captured in the pier and pool of the moon palace resort .


Victor and Angelica, it was a joy to meet you and your beautiful family! On behalf of Me and Magda congratulations, we wish you all the best! We truly hope the wedding photographs will be a special part of your family history!