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top wedding planners in yucatan

As a wedding photographer in Yucatan, I’ve the pleasure to introduce the top wedding planners in Merida, Yucatan that had shown an exceptional work in designing, planning and coordinating lovely weddings.

YES I DO – Eventos Destino

Yes I Do is a destination wedding planning company that organize, plan and realize events, creating moments and unforgettable experiences achieving extraordinary weddings. It offers a set of services that will turn your wedding into the event you have always dreamed of.  Their mission is achieving that both clients and relatives do not worry for anything, considering that its experience and care don’t let any detail out. 

Yes I Do have a professional team that will offer you constant and personalized advice. Their knowledge in the sector and in the last trends is very extensive, letting offer a high range of options to make your dreams come true, turning into your your right choice.

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Originally from Belgium, Aurelie Adant, founder and director of Six Sens, with more than 10 years of experience puts her ideas and professional discipline to turn your wedding dreams into a reality. Aurelie's good taste for the decoration does that the weddings that she designs and coordinates are extremely elegant and unforgettable. Aurelie guarantees a professional, complete and high quality service to create unique and original weddings using european trends.

Six Sens is well-known fot its logistics, decoration and organization without equal; having as goal catch and visualize the dreams of their clients with professionalism, creativy and efficiency. They offers access to the best suppliers of the area for the best cost.  It is characterized for being a flexible company that offers planning your wedding from A to Z. 

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Yucatan Love is a company that deals with all details of your wedding, letting you live every beautiful moment of the day, while they work hard with professionalism to make it happen. They advice couples to marry in the best places and properties of Yucatan surrounded with the most romantic and magic environment. 

This company is expert in the design, the planning and the organization of weddings that personalizes its services to help the bride and groom to get a unique celebration. Their services are planning and coordination, wedding design and packages all inclusive.

Their passion is to draw a smile in couples’ faces that should enjoy to the maximum every experience that they are living, which will guarantee the excellence of Yucatan Love service.

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Touché offers the enough experience to be able to create a perfect and great story of love. It is a company dedicated to design, produce and coordinate incredible events with new trends and adapted to each couples’ needs. They have a wide and qualified variety of service providers capable to offer the best work possible, working together with the purpose of achieving unique, special and unforgettable moments.

If you are looking for someone that understand perfectly your ideas, Touché surely can help you to have this wedding you have dreamed, offering in addition: search of venues, catering, the event’s day supervision, logistics, attention to the guests, and much more!

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Baku Eventos is a wedding planning agency located in Merida dedicated to offer services for the planning and organization of special events, which assures that couples will have a unique and wonderful event. Their mission is to create and to surprise; this one is the exclusive stamp that has all its events. 

The qualified team of the company works with quality and passion to offer the services that are necessary to make dreams real.  Its major virtue is to be able to listen to the clients to know which are their needs and to help them to reach their goals and to exceed their expectations.

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baku merida
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It is a company that devotes itself to organize and develop events as important as your wedding. It has an outstanding experience in the area of organization, the one that tries to satisfy the maximum your needs. A company that will deliver an event of great level with services based on your tastes and needs. 

Celebra counts with a professional team with creative and original proposals, which will transmit the moment’s magic, so that everyone enjoy the maximum of this special wedding day. Celebra Organizacion de Eventos, takes care to each detail that your wedding needs in order to let you enjoy one of the most beautiful moments of your life. The company offers different services that include: find the best suppliers, coordination and logistics, catering, decoration of the venue and church, lighting and more. 

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Soiree Event Planning plans, organizes and coordinates extraordinary weddings beside the dynamism and experience of Badel Gomez. The day of the event, the team will try that everything works as planned and verify that every detail is in its site, allowing the clients to be relax and enjoy the whole process.  

Their philosophy consists in the fact that the creativity does not depend on the money; for this reason the company offers honesty, exclusivity, innovation and accessible prices. 

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